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  • Why choose the North Shore Sardinia?
    Sardinia is a magical island to be discovered, where to live a unique adventure. We are based in Badesi, ne of the most fascination and windy areas if Sardinia. With more than 10 years of experience in the water sport, our school, used the latest kitesurf equipment and IKO certified instructor, guaranteeing a total safely and a lot of fun.
  • What is Kiteboarding?
    Kiteboarding is the youngest sport between water sports activities, it is a sport in which you are able to slide over the water simply pushed by a kite.
  • Is the kite dangerous?
    In our experience we can surely say NO!! Our school works only with professional instructors in a safe place.
  • Is Kitesurfing difficult?
    No. Our mission is to allow everyone to practice this sport. Our equipment it’s specifically designed for beginner practice.
  • It’s kitesurfing suitable for all ages?
    Our courses are designed for children and adults girls and boys
  • What to wear?
    Swimsuit or boardshorts and a t-shirt. ll take care of the rest!
  • What the course includes?
    All the equipment for the practice (Kite, Bar, Wetsuit, Harness and Board) and the IKO Membership Card
  • What happens if the weather conditions are not suitable on the day of the kitesurf lessons?
    Do not worry! In case of bad weather conditions, your kitesurf lessons will be rescheduled.
  • Where can I stay if I book a Kitesurf Course with you?
    We can also offer holiday packages that include camping, accommodation, B&B, hotels or private apartments.
  • What to bring with you at the beach?
    Sunscreen and a bottle of water, cap or visor, a smile and positive energy.


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